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22 Karat Gold Granulation
14 Karat support structure
Biwa Pearl, Rhodolite Garnet, Sapphires, Tsvaorites, and Diamonds
These pieces are kept in bank vault and require an appointment to view the actual piece!
22 Karat Gold Granulation
14 Karat support structure
Biwa Pearl,Golden Beryl, Drusy
Psilomelane, Rhodolite Garnet,
Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald
18 Karat Green Gold, Cast
18 Karat  White Gold support
structure, Artist carved Blue Chalcedony, Pave' Diamonds.
Carving and diamond part can be worn as a seperate pin.
14 Karat Gold, 22 Karat Gold Granulation Domes, Rutilated
Quartz Tounges.
14 Karat Gold, Fine Silver
articulated Flowers, Artists
own cut Amethyst.
14 Karat Gold cast structure,
14 Karat White Gold inlayed leaves, 22 Karat Gold Granulated Acorns, Maylaya
Garnet, cut by Artist.
Sterling Silver support structure,
17ct.Blue Topaz, Lunar impact carved Black Onyx. 14 Karat Gold inlay and trim. $1750.00       Comet approching  lunar surface is
Detachable organic  14 Karat Gold   Pearl Drop. $450.00       
14 Karat hand Forged Gold,
22 Karat Granulated Ball,
.10ct. oval Tsavorite, and .06cts. twt. Diamonds
14 Karat cast White Gold custom designed setting for Emerald cut center Diamond, Two Princess cuts, twt. .47ct.G/VS         $2500.00
Fine Silver Cloisonne' with Fine Gold under the enamel. 14K  Gold bezels and trim. .16cts.twt. of White Diamonds and Champagne Diamonds and .14cts.Tsavorite Garnets      $2850.00
14K bezeled Azurite/Malachite
With Omegas and dangle hooks.
.04cts.Twt. Diamonds
14K Gold, Lost Wax Casting.
Opal pendant.
14K Gold "Ribbon Ring"
Fabricated Shank, Ribbons,
and Bezel.Customers 17.8 cts.
10K Gold, Pierced and Repousse.
Trillion cut C.Z  $1100.00
major stones by Homestead Lapidary

14K Gold, 1.89ct. Blue Topaz.
Size 8.       $530.00
14K White Gold, custom designed for 3 Diamond Baguettes Twt. .50cts.G/VS.       $2060.00
14K Gold studs, 4.5mm.
Pink Tourmalines, Silver
Sea of Tranquility